Drug and Alcohol Detox

Addiction has been attributed to environmental, genetic and developmental factors making it an extremely difficult illness to treat, hence why so many people struggle through multiple relapses until they finally “get it”, if they get it at all. But at South Shores we do not despair, we have seen, as well have been the most hopeless cases recover from a seemingly hopeless state of mind. We do this through a multi-prong attack that sees each guest receive a theraputic, experiential & communal treatment that helps move the addict from a war zone to a place of healing.

Inpatient Treatment

When an individual develops an alcohol or drug addiction, the chemical dependency becomes central to his or her life. Interests, ambitions, and even basic self-care fall by the wayside while seeking and imbibing one’s substance or substances of choice are the primary goals of each day. If an individual were to cease consumption, he or she would begin to experience withdrawal symptoms, which is what keeps many addicts from seeking treatment. With addiction being such an all-consuming disease, an effective addiction treatment program must be of sufficient length, capacity and care to not only help an individual achieve sobriety, but also learn to sustain sobriety long-term.

Aftercare Resources

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