Cigna California Drug and Alcohol Rehab Coverage

Getting Help Using Cigna Insurance at South Shores Detox

Cigna Health Insurance of California covers drug and alcohol rehab and mental health services for millions of residents across the state. Mental health treatment is also covered by Cigna insurance – a provision passed by the Affordable Care Act stating that all insurance agencies must provide at least some level of coverage for addiction treatment and behavioral and mental health treatment.

Are you a recipient of Cigna Health Insurance policies and benefits? Find out exactly what’s covered under your plan by contacting South Shores Detox and Recovery. One of our call center professionals is standing by to field your questions regarding Cigna Health Insurance – just tell them you need coverage verification because you’re planning on attending our facility.

The process only takes a few minutes, and you’ll know exactly where you stand regarding treatment for drug and alcohol addiction, including any out-of-pocket expenses or copayments you could be responsible for.

Keep reading to get all the details on using Cigna to get support at South Shores and feel free to reach out any time for a quick and confidential check of your benefits!

The Undeniable Allure of the Golden State

Undeniable Allure of the Golden State

California – the Golden State – is a renowned location with plenty of natural beauty. For most people, all over the world, California is one of those places that falls under the category of a “must visit,” at least once in most people’s lifetimes. This state earned its spot on the map for multiple attractions and tourist draws – offering visually stunning displays that span from one range to the other.

You have massive snow-capped mountains, beautiful high-elevation desert, incredible beaches, and lush green forests with high canopy tops – it all seems surreal. From San Diego to Sonoma, or Sacramento to Yosemite – California is packed with a melting pot full of incredible diversity and some of the trendiest cities in the country.

California and Substance Use Challenges

Unfortunately, California’s geographical positioning also puts it at a disadvantage when it comes to drug and alcohol addiction. Nestled directly against the border of Mexico, California has always been exposed to the heavy hand of Mexican cartels.

These organizations have used California as an inlet for a neverending flow of cocaine, heroin, methamphetamine, and other illegal narcotics – making the state a mecca for wholesale drugs for the better part of a century. And just like the national averages regarding drug and alcohol challenges, California is setting records year after year.

The Need for Impactful Substance Use Treatment In California

Given the current severity of the current health crisis in California (over 20% of residents over the age of 12 reported using drugs), the need for a reliable insurance provider coupled with effective substance abuse treatment is needed now more than ever.

Starting the recovery journey in one of California’s drug rehab centers may be a difficult first step to take – but luckily there are organizations full of caregivers who want to see you overcome your challenges. South Shores is among the top choices for clients attending rehab with Cigna, and for good reason!

At South Shores Detox and Recovery, our staff is made up of some of the most compassionate, knowledgeable, and hard-working individuals in the drug and alcohol addiction treatment industry. The only thing you need is an efficient insurance company to help tackle the costs of your addiction treatment services.

Does Cigna Insurance Cover All Types of Addiction Treatment?

Cigna Insurance of California provides coverage for inpatient addiction treatment and outpatient substance abuse treatment. Your Cigna Health Insurance coverage will also provide some form of assistance for other care levels – such as partial hospitalization, intensive outpatient, and more.

Currently, South Shores Detox and Recovery is not an in-network with Cigna Insurance Provider, but we are negotiating to become so. Despite this, you’ll still receive better out-of-network care and much lower rates than other facilities in California.

The exact amount of Cigna CA rehab coverage you’re eligible for depends on several factors, including the type of treatment you require, the length of treatment, and your specific form of coverage. Again, contact a member of South Shores Detox and Recovery for clarification of the exact amount of insurance coverage you’re eligible for.

What Is Cigna Insurance of California?

Outpatient Substance use Disorder Facilities

Cigna Insurance provides coverage in California – but they’re a global network tasked with providing quality healthcare options for millions of Americans and citizens in other countries. Millions of Californians rely on Cigna Insurance for their healthcare coverage every year – and count on their plans to combat substance use disorder by paying for one of their many in-network addiction treatment centers as a Preferred Provider Organization.

However, they also allow a certain amount of flexibility, as they also provide HMO (Health Maintenance Organization), network, and point-of-service plans for families, single individuals, and even company owners. Plans offered through employers usually offer insurance coverage in the following areas:

  • Behavioral health in-network mental health providers
  • Cigna rehab coverage for mental health services and follow-up cases
  • Referral services and consultations for drug and alcohol addiction treatment
  • Referrals to local community meetings, online resources, and life coaches
  • Inpatient and outpatient substance use disorder facilities
  • Individual talk-therapy services for addiction treatment

What Insurance Coverage Is Available for Specific Substance Use Disorder Treatment?

Regardless of what substance you’re having challenges with, you’ll receive insurance benefits on your Cigna health insurance plan so you can get help, per the Affordable Care Act. This includes, but isn’t limited to:

Does Cigna Cover Inpatient Rehab Fully or Partially?

A certain portion, if not all of your substance use treatment and mental health services are covered under Cigna drug rehab benefits. Again, your specific plan and the type of therapy – and length of said therapy, are all driving factors in the final amount of coverage you have access to.

Again, all mental health and substance abuse services are available per the ACA, including:

  • Outpatient Insurance Benefits: Outpatient substance abuse treatment is beneficial when it comes to treating less-than-severe forms of substance abuse disorder. These outpatient services include access to medically assisted detox and any other therapies you would attend during inpatient or residential treatment. You’re allowed to live at home while attending for roughly 6 to 10 hours weekly while learning about recovery, relapse, and the challenges at the center of your substance use disorder.
  • Cigna Insurance Coverage for Residential Treatment: During inpatient or residential treatment, services are provided for those who have severe substance use disorders. A secure environment is provided for you to recover and learn about triggers and the challenges at the source of your substance use disorder. You’ll learn coping skills to help you overcome the urge to use once you exit treatment.
  • Cigna Coverage for Intensive Outpatient: IOPs (Intensive Outpatient Programs) are more strict than your standard outpatient services. Your hours are increased based on your work and home schedule, and generally, you’ll attend an extra day per week compared to the demands of standard outpatient.
  • Partial Hospitalization Programs: PHPs (Partial Hospitalization Programs) are covered under Cigna Healthcare. This is one step below standard inpatient treatment, as you’ll attend therapy for about the same duration as any residential program. The only difference is that you’re permitted to go home in the afternoon/evening to return the following morning. These programs are ideal for those who have work or home-life demands with a more severe addiction issue.
  • Medical Detox: Cigna Insurance coverage also takes care of medically-assisted detox. This usually takes place before inpatient or outpatient rehab – and helps to ease some of the most intense withdrawal symptoms of opioids, alcohol, and benzos. You’ll be given medication so you’re comfortable enough to rest and put on a specialized diet to help you maintain your strength and energy.

Do Mental Health Facilities Accept Cigna Insurance?

Mental Health Facilities Accept Cigna Insurance

The Affordable Care Act made it mandatory that healthcare providers accept certain forms of insurance, and for insurance providers to cover at least some form of mental health and addiction treatment.

Mental healthcare is considered an essential healthcare need – along with addiction rehab services. This means that attending inpatient rehab for dual diagnosis or co-occurring disorders is possible and would fall under the designation of accepted services.

If you have any of the following disorders, you’re eligible for coverage at any of the healthcare providers within Cigna’s network:

Many mental health experts claim that the manifestation of co-occurring disorders changes from patient to patient but happens in one of two ways:

  • Clients develop a mental health disorder from a younger age or a traumatic incident and begin using drugs or alcohol to combat these negative feelings associated with the disorder. This use quickly matures into full-blown addiction.
  • Alternatively, clients begin using drugs or alcohol at a young age. Because of the collateral damage done as a result of high amounts of abuse, individuals develop certain types of mental health disorders. These include, but aren’t limited to:
    • Bipolar disorder
    • Paranoid psychosis
    • Anxiety disorder
    • Social anxiety disorder
    • and several others

How Long Does Cigna Pay for My Time at a Treatment Facility?

If you’re entering a treatment facility, your Cigna insurance carrier covers varying lengths of time depending on several factors. Each client is different, and what is acceptable treatment for one client may not be as impactful for another. The most efficient length of treatment is contingent on the length and intensity of your addiction – along with your unique needs during detox and therapy.

Most in the behavioral health industry recommend remaining in rehab facilities for at least 3 months or longer. This is based on rigorous studies on patients attending rehab facilities. Attending our South Shores programs is made simple by the fact that we are a Joint Commission accredited alcohol and drug rehab that accepts Cigna, and will work with your Cigna drug rehabs insurance to make sure the proper paperwork and documentation is done so that you or your loved one get the needed duration of treatment and follow-up care.

Cigna California Drug and Alcohol Rehab Coverage: Getting Exact Costs Quickly

It’s a given that the longer you spend in a rehab center or intensive outpatient program – or any other level of care, your cost of treatment increases. However, this doesn’t mean your insurance carrier doesn’t provide additional levels of coverage.

We recommend that you contact our team at South Shores Detox and Recovery directly for prompt and confidential insurance verification – and together we can work with your insurance healthcare providers to ensure that you get the maximum amount of coverage possible.

What If My Insurance Carrier Doesn’t Cover Certain Services?

Insurance Cover

If you can’t get your addiction treatment covered in full – or at least to a manageable level – there are multiple options you can opt for. These include:

Payment Plans

Most facilities are willing to work out some type of payment plan with you that entails covering a portion of your treatment upfront and billing you for the rest. Contact South Shores Detox and Recovery for options similar to this.

Grants or Charities

Check with your local social services board about grants and charities that provide funding for situations just like this. If you’re unable to afford your out-of-pocket costs, multiple organizations are willing to step up and provide the help you need.

Get Support Using Cigna at South Shores Detox Today

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