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Choosing South Shores Among Dana Point Rehabs

When it comes to your addiction treatment, you want the very best services that you can find. This includes the need for supervised detox, high-quality therapy, and group sessions. However, the overall comfort of the facility plays a major role in how you start on the path toward sober living.

Our luxury drug and alcohol rehab centers in Dana Point, California can help. Hope and the comfortable foundations for recovery are found at South Shores for you or your loved one.

With robust offerings when it comes to every aspect of our facilities, nestled in a beautiful section of Orange County, you will find everything you need to process your alcohol or drug addiction in a safe and comfortable setting today!

Recreational Therapy and Effective Drug Addiction Treatment

Recreational Therapy

Therapists agree that cognitive behavioral therapy and dialectical behavioral therapy are great options to help you abandon your substance use. There is no substitute for great clinical intervention at a qualified treatment center in Dana Point, California. South Shores have a team of licensed professionals who can walk alongside you in the early days of your recovery.

However, your treatment team at our addiction rehab offers more than simply clinical services. We also have recreational therapy that you might expect from an upscale residential treatment facility.

Surfing to Challenge the Body and Mind

For example, we often take people out to spend time on the beach. Riding the waves on a surfboard is just one of the many ways our drug and alcohol rehab center integrates the whole person into treatment, for those clients who choose to participate in surf therapy. And if surfing is not your preference, that won’t be an issue, as there are plenty of options to choose from.

South Shores are within minutes of the best Orange County has to offer in terms of healthy sober activities and sites to take in as part of our frequent group outings.

You will get the experience of challenging the physical limits of your body while stretching yourself mentally and psychologically during treatment.

Yoga to Reduce Cravings

Much like surfing, a luxury treatment center often includes other recreational activities like guided yoga classes. Yoga has been proven to reduce substance use. In particular, it can reduce cravings that could trigger you to use it again. If you have ever been curious about how yoga helps, our treatment centers give you the opportunity to experiment in a safe environment with holistic treatment.

As one of many treatment options, you can take advantage of these classes to learn how to control thoughts, monitor the body for signs of stress, and commit to compassionate care for your own body and mind.

Well-Rounded Meals and Quality Food

Well-Rounded Meals

South Shores Detox and Recovery is proud to offer high-quality meals that will leave you satisfied. Unlike many treatment centers that serve cafeteria-quality foods made quickly and easily for a crowd, we believe in offering well-rounded meals. Part of our addiction treatment facilities includes gourmet food so that you never feel like you are sacrificing anything while being in treatment.

Because we’re located in Dana Point, California, we have access to tons of fresh food that can truly nourish your body.

Many of the people who come through our substance abuse program are undernourished due to their substance abuse. We can help you to get the nutrients you need to reach a point of balance with your health as you embrace sober living.

Beautiful Scenery for Addiction Treatment

Our Dana Point treatment center is easily one of the most beautiful and serene settings you can imagine for an alcohol or drug rehab. Experience the balmy weather found in California, complete with sunshine that can easily improve your mood. If you have to be in treatment for a drug or alcohol addiction, having the right setting will allow you to enjoy and embrace these new challenges.

South Shores Detox and Recovery is located among the palm trees with plenty of open space. We believe in taking you to the beach and on other outings and enjoying the best that nature has to offer.

Not to mention, the interior of our facility is also beautifully decorated. It feels more like a home than a hospital, which is by design. We want you to feel completely comfortable as you make a commitment to reaching long-term recovery.

Robust Treatment Options for Holistic Treatment

Robust Treatment Options for Holistic Treatment

Of course, luxury detox programs in Dana Point should also emphasize their clinical capacity. We offer both inpatient and outpatient treatment to deliver lifelong success in combatting your substance abuse.

Here are just a few of the treatment modalities that we implement in our program.

Therapy to Meet Individual Needs

Every single person requires a unique approach to addiction treatment. We offer one-on-one sessions with a licensed therapist so that you can explore the underlying causes of your substance abuse, build up solid coping skills, and examine what it would look like to remain sober long-term.

We will guide you through the process of setting goals so that you can achieve the success you crave.

Group Therapy Sessions for Social Support

Our alcohol and drug rehab also believes in the importance of social support in embracing a new lifestyle without drugs or alcohol. Group sessions that reflect the 12-step process are part of the treatment at our Dana Point, CA rehab. Connect with peers who are going through the same process as you are and learn even more from others.

This allows you to feel less alone while still protecting your personal struggles for those who desire privacy. It is a safe environment for all to share their struggles.

Family Therapy for Continued Success Upon Discharge

Family Therapy for Continued Success

We also offer family therapy at our Dana Point and San Juan Capistrano locations. Eventually, we know that you will be discharged from our programs and will transition back to your regular life. Keeping your family in the loop on your progress and letting them know how they can help you remain sober is key.

Give them the tools that they need to support you to the best of their ability. We work with everyone involved in your day-to-day life so that you get the personalized care you need even after your discharge.

Our Luxury Rehab for Recovery from Substance Abuse

Are you convinced that the right setting can dramatically improve your comfort and odds of success when it comes to maintaining lifelong success and sobriety? Luxury rehabs have a lot to offer their guests, and South Shores Detox and Recovery is proud to provide the services you need. From holistic treatment to recreational therapy to clinical services, we offer it all amid the splendor of Southern California.

The best part is that we do accept most insurance carriers, and are in-network with several types of insurance accepted for our rehab in Dana Point, making the barrier to entry much lower.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can offer you the best treatment around for your substance use issues. We would be happy to talk with you about the options and services that we provide for addiction treatment.


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