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Often, drug and alcohol use in relationships begins as a bonding activity. It’s something that you do occasionally, maybe to relax or have a little fun. Over time, however, these activities might become more frequent. It can be hard to remember what you love about your partner outside of getting intoxicated together.

This upsets the relationship dynamic, sometimes contributing to domestic violence, distrust, infidelity, and loss of interest. It can also cause you to neglect responsibilities, including your partner. If this sounds like your relationship, it may be time to consider rehab for couples in California.

If you and your partner are living in addiction, chances are that you just aren’t happy. Getting back to a better place will take some changes, and it’s best to do it together. If one partner gets sober without the other, there’s a significantly higher risk of relapse after rehab. At South Shores, we invite couples to look into our addiction treatment programs together.

Keep reading to learn more about how South Shores can help you get your life (and your relationship) back on the right track!

Understanding How Addiction Affects Relationships

Addiction Affects Relationships

Even when both partners are committed, drug and alcohol use can tear relationships apart. You may feel like you aren’t as connected to your partner anymore or that you have to be under the influence to enjoy being around them. According to the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy, this encourages more frequent substance use, fighting and arguing, difficulty connecting, and an increased risk of emotional abuse or domestic violence.

It drives a deep wedge, pushing partners apart as they argue about responsibilities and money. Substance abuse also makes existing issues worse. This all perpetuates the cycle of addiction and a harmful relationship dynamic.

Furthermore, it is difficult (if not impossible) for one intimate partner to get sober when their partner continues to live in addiction. Even after successfully going through addiction treatment, relapse is likely if your partner doesn’t also get clean. The same issues are likely to exist in the relationship after rehab, too. They may even be worse because one partner is sober, while the other is stuck in old habits. It becomes impossible to move forward.

What to Expect During a Couples Rehab Program

We share a lot with our romantic partners, often building entire lives together. Unfortunately, this means that when one partner misuses alcohol or drugs, the other gets involved, too. During couples alcohol or drug rehab, you’ll attend group therapy sessions, classes, and couples counseling. Accommodations permitting, you’ll even share a room.

You’ll Work Together and Separately

For the most part, partners are encouraged to go through couples alcohol or drug addiction treatment together. This has many benefits. You should look to your significant other as a motivating factor in your sobriety. In this way, you’ll provide mutual support for each other.

Working together in therapy as a couple also gives you both the chance to learn more about each other. This can be important in cases where partners are emotionally disconnected. It can also help you learn your partner’s triggers and stresses, enhancing your supportive relationship. You can help each other learn healthier ways to overcome alcohol and drug addiction together.

Partners will also have individual therapy sessions as a part of a couples rehab program. This invites each person to reflect inward on themselves, understanding those motivating reasons for them to drink or use drugs. It can also be beneficial for learning evidence-based therapies like dialect behavioral therapy or cognitive behavioral therapy.

Our treatment center offers these and other specialized therapies that can help you identify and unlearn negative thought patterns that contribute to drug or alcohol use disorder.

Dual Diagnosis Programs at Our Rehab for Couples in California

Sometimes, a person starts using drugs or alcohol as a means to cope with an underlying issue. This could be chronic pain, unresolved trauma, or an underlying mental illness. The way that dependence on alcohol or drugs affects your brain can cause problems with anxiety, depression, or even psychosis.

The effective dual diagnosis treatment programs offered at South Shores helps in these situations as well. It provides the necessary support for overcoming co-occurring mental conditions. If substance use is treated on its own, the risk of relapse is significantly higher.  

Getting Medical Detox in a Safe and Accredited Setting

At South Shores, we also offer clients in couples treatment support through the detox process. This includes the management of uncomfortable and sometimes dangerous withdrawal symptoms. We have medical professionals available around the clock to help. We can also provide a safe, comfortable, and substance-free place to go through these withdrawal symptoms. This makes it less likely that you’ll turn to drugs or alcohol to cope during these early stages.

Will We Get Couples Counseling as Well as Individual Counseling?

Couples Counseling

Couples therapy is an important part of the recovery process for couples dealing with substance use disorder. Often, substance use is covering up other problems in a couple’s relationship. Dealing with these underlying issues is a crucial step in overcoming addictive behaviors. Furthermore, partners learn tools for maintaining the relationship. They’ll grow closer and learn important communication skills.

A couples rehab program can help identify and talk about issues in the relationship outside of substance abuse in a non-confrontational environment. Both partners need to express any concerns. Don’t be afraid to tear down the parts of the relationship that are not working, leaving room to build a stronger, healthier foundation.

Will We Share a Room During Couples Rehab?

Though we encourage couples to go through the program together, all couples will be housed in separate rooms. It’s really about what works best from a therapeutic perspective and what helps pave the way for you both to find the most success on your recovery journey.

Will Insurance Pay for Couples Drug Rehab?

While your insurance company won’t pay for the cost of your loved one to attend rehab, your individual providers will cover each person’s portion of the costs. Insurance companies are required to offer coverage for mental health treatment, behavioral health problems, and substance abuse.

However, if you typically pay co-pays for medical treatments, then there is a chance you’ll have some costs out-of-pocket. If you aren’t sure whether you are covered or what the cost of rehab might be, contact South Shores. We can verify your insurance in minutes!

What if My Partner Doesn’t Want to Get Clean?

Attending Couples Rehab

When someone is not ready to get clean, they often don’t have the mindset to achieve long-term sobriety. If your partner doesn’t want to get clean, you cannot force them to attend couples treatment. Many recovery programs require that both partners attending couples rehab are motivated to get clean. Otherwise, there’s a significant risk that you’ll relapse after treatment for drug and alcohol addiction.

Even if your partner doesn’t seem interested, consider inviting them to learn more about facilities with you. At South Shores, for example, we stand out by offering comfortable beds and activities like art therapy and surf therapy at our Joint Commission Accredited addiction treatment center. We also offer highly individualized, comprehensive care for all aspects of your recovery journey. There’s nothing wrong with reaching out to find out to learn more about treatment options. We may even be able to offer a tour of our facility to see if our program might be a good fit.

Should I Leave My Partner if They Won’t Get Sober?

One of the more uncomfortable parts of recovering from drug or alcohol addiction is taking a close look at the people in your life. When you live with an intimate partner who also uses, it can be nearly impossible to stay sober after dug or alcohol rehab.

Any time that you experience stress or a trigger, it’s likely that your substance of choice will be available, tempting you.

Nobody can tell you that you have to leave your partner if they won’t seek treatment for issues like anger management, drugs and alcohol, or mental health problems. While supporting the people you love is a good thing, some people do not want help. In these instances, leaving could be a wake-up call. On the other end of things, even if they still do not seek help, you can start healing. The quality of your life matters, too.

What Happens After a Couples Drug Rehab Program?

For lasting sobriety, it’s critical to follow through with your treatment plan. Treatment options might include intensive outpatient programs, partial hospitalization programs, or sober living after couples rehab. You’ll also need to follow up with proper support once you return home.

At South Shores, we make this easier by connecting you with a therapist, psychiatrist, group sessions, and other support in your local area. As an added benefit, the Orange County area we call home is known for its thriving recovery community. You’ll want to find support among like-minded people after completing our substance abuse treatment program.

Even if your partner continues down the path to recovery with you, it’s important to have your own support system. The first 90 days after rehab are the most challenging, evidenced by the high rate of relapse during this time. Having sober friends or family members that you can confide in and attending groups like Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous means that you have healthy support, even if your partner were to relapse. Take your sobriety as a chance to reconnect with the people who were once positive influences in your life.

Overcome Addiction Together with Couples Rehab at South Shores

If you and your partner are ready to change your lives for the better, reach out to South Shores Recovery. We understand the complexities of being in an intimate relationship with someone in active addiction. The treatment programs offered at our California couples rehab facility focus on your addiction separately and together. It’s an opportunity to heal the relationship and grow together as a couple. The treatment process starts with you making a confidential call to find out how we can help you.

Contact us and start the recovery process together with our support today!


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