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Get Residential Treatment Convenient to Huntington Beach at South Shores

With the prevalence of addiction across California, there is no shortage of treatment centers in Huntington Beach. For those struggling with drug or alcohol addiction, however, the quality of treatment matters. Life is too short to waste your time doing what doesn’t work, especially after months (or years) lost to drug addiction.  

This is why many clients choose South Shores for inpatient rehab. Huntington Beach, Newport Beach, Irvine, and other Southern California residents can enjoy a peaceful setting, better support, and better quality substance abuse treatment at our facility. Keep reading to learn more about what makes us different.

And, if you have any questions about treatment options or insurance coverage, don’t hesitate to reach out to our Orange County alcohol and drug rehab directly!

We Offer Effective, Accredited Treatment

Inpatient Programs

Why should you choose South Shores instead of drug or alcohol rehab in Huntington Beach? Many treatment centers around Huntington Beach, California don’t offer the standard of care as South Shores. We have a clean, comfortable treatment facility with incredible views near the beach.

Our close proximity to Huntington Beach makes our inpatient and outpatient programs an excellent choice if you’re looking for better substance abuse treatment. Plus, you’ll be 40 minutes away from all your problems in our serene location.

At South Shores, we understand no two situations are the same. You’ll work with an addiction specialist during intake to assess your situation before determining the best course of treatment. Our personalized addiction treatment programs, using evidence-based therapies and a holistic treatment approach, make our rehab stand out.

You don’t have to take our word for it. Our treatment is accredited by the Joint Commission and Department of Health Care Services because of our higher standard of care. Numerous client testimonies are further evidence of our facility’s successful programs.

We Make Paying for Treatment Easy (with or without Insurance!)

At South Shores, we believe everyone deserves access to high-quality addiction treatment facilities. We make this easier by working with many insurance providers, both public and private. Many even attend our facility with no out-of-pocket costs, especially if you don’t usually have copays with your insurance plan.

We are also a private treatment center that accepts self-pay for those without insurance. Our sliding fee scale adjusts the cost of treatment depending on your income. We also accept other payment options like private funding or loans/grants from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration.

Some people even qualify for payment plans. If you are worried about the costs of drug or alcohol rehab without insurance coverage, don’t hesitate to call us and discuss treatment options today!

Getting to South Shores Recovery from Huntington Beach, CA

South Shores is also located in Orange County, about 40 minutes from Huntington Beach. With both cities being near the coast, the commute to and from our facility in Dana Point sets the tone for recovery.

 The serenity of our addiction treatment facility only aids to your peace of mind, giving you reassurance that your in a place where you’ll be able to truly focus on recovery.

What is Addiction Treatment Like at South Shores?

Individual therapy sessions

All rehab centers should be more than somewhere to go through withdrawal and attend therapy. Addiction is a lifelong condition. While you can learn how to manage it, there will be times in the future when you’re at risk of a relapse, even after getting 100% sober.

This is why it’s so important to learn more about the root cause of your addiction, coping skills for overcoming cravings, and the signs of relapse. It’s also important that you commit to a healthier lifestyle and receive continued support, even after rehab. Our addiction treatment programs offer a comprehensive approach to wellness.

You’ll learn not only how to overcome addiction, but also how to better your life. Furthermore, you’ll find our dedication to your recovery across all levels of treatment at our facility!

Evidence-Based Approaches for Substance Abuse

One of the reasons South Shores is difference is because we stay current with the latest methods of treating addiction. We believe time is precious and that’s why we use evidence-based programs, proven to promote long-term sobriety.

Some effective programs for drug and alcohol use disorder offered at our Orange County drug rehab include:

  • Individual therapy sessions
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy
  • SMART recovery
  • Motivational interviewing
  • Group therapy
  • Family therapy sessions
  • Dialectical behavior therapy
  • Peer support

We also offer various recreational therapies at our facility including surf therapy, cooking, art therapy, music therapy, meditation, and yoga, with various activities also held on the beach!

Participating in recreational activities is important for confidence building. It also helps you learn more about personal interests and strengths. This can also help you develop healthy coping methods that can be used after Huntington Beach drug or alcohol rehab.

Inpatient Treatment

The earliest days of sobriety are often the hardest. Withdrawal symptoms are uncomfortable and as the worst of the physical symptoms subside, you’ll experience intense cravings for your substance of choice. This makes it hard not to relapse, especially when you’re going through the withdrawal process alone.

During residential treatment at our drug and alcohol rehab facility, you’ll find the support needed to get through those tough times. If you are actively going through withdrawal from substances like opioids, alcohol, methamphetamine, or benzodiazepines, you’ll receive detox treatment in a safe, comfortable setting before entering rehab.

During inpatient treatment, you’ll learn more about your relationship with addiction and what in your life contributes to your struggles. You’ll learn coping skills for overcoming struggles, healthy habits, and how to best support yourself as you continue recovery after rehab.

You’ll also participate in recreational activities that promote holistic healing, helping you develop confidence and promoting total wellness. During groups, you’ll build social skills and develop support. We even offer nutritional support and cooking classes to promote wellness after rehab.

Medical Detoxification Programs

Medical Detoxification Programs

Long-term substance abuse causes dependence in the body and mind. When this dependence happens, you’ll feel that you need to drink or use drugs just to feel “normal.” It’s also likely that if you suddenly stop using drugs or alcohol, you’ll go through withdrawal.

Some symptoms like body aches, sleep and appetite changes, flu-like symptoms, or mental symptoms like depression or anxiety are unpleasant. Others, however, can be dangerous.

During medical detox at South Shores treatment center, you’ll be able to go through detoxification in a controlled environment. Our rooms are peaceful and comfortable, a good place to relax during the withdrawal process.

You’ll also be monitored by a medical professional who may prescribe medications to help manage the symptoms of alcohol or drug withdrawal and make withdrawal more comfortable.

Outpatient Programs for Substance Abuse

Following rehab, some clients attend sober living while others return home. With our proximity to Huntington Beach, many attend partial hospitalization or intensive outpatient programs at treatment centers after inpatient rehab. These programs are a step down from inpatient recovery but offer high levels of structure and support as you ease back into life.

During a partial hospitalization program (PHP) or intensive outpatient program (IOP), you’ll spend several hours at our treatment center per therapy session. The specifics are going to depend on your availability and specific needs.

You’ll participate in many of the same elements of inpatient drug rehab, including individual, group, or family counseling, medication management, and recreational activities.

Get Help for Co-Occurring Mental Health Disorders with Dual Diagnosis

Statistics from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration show 21.5 million adults across the United States struggling with co-occurring mental illness and alcohol or drug addiction. There are several reasons for this correlation.

Substance abuse and mental health have many of the same risk factors, including environmental and genetic. Long-term use of drugs or alcohol can also contribute to secondary mental health conditions like depression, anxiety, or psychosis. On the opposite side of things, mental health disorders like bipolar disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, or severe anxiety can contribute to drug or alcohol abuse, especially if they are untreated. People with untreated mental illness may use drugs or alcohol to relieve their symptoms, eventually developing a dependence.

South Shores Recovery offers dual diagnosis treatment near Huntington Beach, CA for clients with co-occurring disorders. You cannot effectively treat substance use disorders without addressing mental health issues. Mental health is an important part of achieving long-term sobriety.

Your Next Steps Toward Long-Term Recovery Matter

Finding Support After Treatment

Relapse is a common occurrence after leaving drug rehab treatment, especially for the first 12 weeks. Even after learning coping skills and tools for recovery, it’s important to have support once you return home. It will also be important to stick to your treatment plan and stay busy enough that you don’t easily fall back into old habits. Remember, the rehabilitation process isn’t over after you finish Huntington Beach drug rehab – you’ll need continued support.

Finding Support After Treatment in Huntington Beach, CA

Sometimes, support after treatment might include aftercare programs like sober living, continuing with therapy, psychiatry appointments, or other outpatient services like IOP or PHP. Support groups are another important of long-term recovery, including Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, and Smart Recovery.

You can find AA meetings and NA meetings near Huntington Beach, CA at these links, including the following:

SMART Recovery is one of many effective drug-alcohol treatment programs we offer at South Shores in Orange County. You’ll explore your motivations for getting and staying sober, learn how to take control of actions, thoughts, and behaviors, develop healthy coping skills, and commit to healthy living.

You can find SMART Recovery meetings to continue working on these healthier habits local to Huntington Beach, CA. They are held most days at 4-Point Recovery!

Sober Activities in Huntington Beach, California

Sober Activities in Huntington Beach

Huntington Beach, CA is often called “Surf City, USA” because of the long stretches of beaches perfect for hitting the waves. With surf therapy being a program offered at South Shores, it’s easy to take what you’ve learned and continue surfing after rehab.

There are also plenty of sober activities on and off the beach including:

You don’t have to attend rehab in Huntington Beach to take advantage of these activities close to home. There are also sober meet-ups in Orange County, with activities like yoga on the beach, mocktails and trivia, or movies.

Sober activities like these are listed on Meetup for Huntington Beach.

Overcome Your Battle with Substance Use Disorder at South Shores

For many clients, a call to South Shores marks the first step in their recovery journey. Whether you have questions, would like to have your insurance verified, or just want to discuss treatment options, reach out today! Contact us by phone or verify insurance on our website. You can even set up a tour of our beautiful facility or an intake appointment.

Few rehab centers in Huntington Beach, CA offer the same quality care as South Shores. Our supportive environment, holistic, personalized treatment plans, and quality programs set us apart from other facilities. We are local to Huntington Beach, so give us the chance to show you how different South Shores is today!


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