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Deciding between inpatient or outpatient treatment can create unneeded delays on your path to recovery. If you’re seriously considering residential treatment, the chances are high that you’re a suitable candidate for an inpatient facility.

The best time to take action is today, and our inpatient rehab Costa Mesa, CA services are ready and waiting to support recovery. Residential addiction treatment takes dedication, discipline, and courage – and South Shores Detox & Recovery provides some of the most impactful treatment methods in the industry.

Evidence-based treatment options, a wide variety of therapeutic modalities, and holistic programs are all earmarks of a successful recovery experience – all of which are characteristic of South Shores.

If you or someone you love can benefit from a compassionate staff, expertly trained counselors, and an atmosphere of acceptance and encouragement, the following article can help prepare you for inpatient rehab near Costa Mesa, CA.

Our Orange County Addiction Treatment Options

Inpatient Treatment

If you’re serious about finding the right addiction treatment program to help you achieve long-term recovery near Costa Mesa, CA, Orange County offers some of the top-rated inpatient facilities for substance abuse.

Before you begin any treatment program, making the right decision on the appropriate level of care is crucial for moving towards the ultimate goal. Initially, you must decide whether you’ll attend one of the following:

While each of these provides a unique set of benefits that cater to a specific set of clients, selecting South Shores for inpatient addiction treatment near Costa Mesa, CA, ensures you receive the most comprehensive form of care.

What are the specific advantages of choosing inpatient addiction treatment? The next section breaks down the criteria to help qualify if you’re a good fit for inpatient drug rehab at South Shores.

The ‘Core 4’ Benefits of Costa Mesa, CA Inpatient Drug Rehab

Working your way toward any goal requires a solid foundation. Inpatient addiction treatment delivers comprehensive education and the support of an expert staff to help you learn the science of addiction. Simply getting over the hump of withdrawal and getting sober simply isn’t enough to achieve lasting recovery.

Being aware of triggers, behavioral challenges, and other pitfalls will arm you with the tools you need to successfully navigate addiction treatment. Internal factors are just as important as external, so the availability of dual diagnosis treatment during drug rehab can make all the difference between short-term sobriety and long-term recovery.

Consider the following benefits and advantages of finding the right inpatient drug and alcohol addiction treatment program:

1)   A Versatile Range of Evidence-Based Therapies

Our inpatient drug rehab in Costa Mesa, CA includes a variety of different therapies to fill your schedule. Those looking for Costa Mesa drug rehab have access to a broad panel of counselors using varying degrees of evidence-based treatment methods.

Combined with evidence-based elements as endorsed by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) such as family therapy and group therapy, along with holistic options, our individualized treatment plans cater to every client in a unique way that serves their condition specifically.

We also have medication-assisted treatment available as part of our program to help clients navigate the most physically challenging elements of drug and alcohol addiction. These medications are available to help clients combat withdrawal symptoms during treatment without dealing with the challenges presented by the pain and discomfort of detox.

2)   Decreased Chances of Relapse with Support

Relapse with Support

Clients entering treatment centers for substance abuse have better odds of avoiding relapse if they opt for an inpatient program. This isn’t to take away from the importance of an intensive outpatient program or PHP, as they both play a critical role in the various levels of care.

That said, clients with severe drug addiction challenges, especially those who contend with physical withdrawal symptoms, are almost always better suited for inpatient substance abuse treatment. Every client has access to medication that helps reduce the pain and discomfort of withdrawal – the latter being the cause of most relapse situations.    

3)   Peer Accountability

Being with those you consider peers during rehab for drug addiction creates an element of accountability that strengthens your will to forge ahead with your recovery. Many of the bonds created during drug or alcohol addiction treatment exist long after you exit the treatment center.

Having someone who is experiencing the same challenges as you gives you an alternate source to confide in and share experiences with. Many times having these relationships creates a pillar of strength not provided by counselors or family members. There’s a different level of connection when you confide in others who are sharing in your struggles and who have similar or identical goals.     

4)   An Outstanding Nutritional Program

Maintaining a healthy mind requires maintaining a healthy body. One of the most underrated areas at a treatment center is generally the meal options. During recovery, the body needs enriching vitamins and minerals to trigger the healing actions needed to begin repairing itself.                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

At South Shores, our residential treatment program offers a healthy menu made up of different items that are conducive to healing and recovery. We place emphasis on providing a well-balanced menu that caters to lasting recovery for our clients.

What Types of Substance Abuse & Mental Health Disorders are Treated at Cosa Mesa, CA Treatment Centers?

If you’re contemplating admission at a treatment center in Costa Mesa, CA, it’s important to find a facility that delivers comprehensive solutions for a variety of substance abuse and mental health disorders.

At South Shores, we have the capacity to treat standalone mental health issues in addition to many specific forms of substance abuse.

Our treatment center also offers solutions for co-occurring disorders, regardless of the combination. If you’re looking for Costa Mesa drug rehab, consider all that’s offered at South Shores:

Inpatient Treatment for Mental Health

In many instances, finding treatment centers that provide care for mental health challenges while maintaining treatment options for those who need alcohol and drug rehab can be difficult. South Shores provides residential treatment solutions for the following:

  • Anxiety
  • Panic disorders
  • Eating disorders
  • PTSD
  • Depression
  • OCD
  • Bipolar disorder
  • Disassociative identity disorder
  • Psychosis
  • And more

Inpatient Treatment for Substance Abuse

Inpatient Treatment for Substance Abuse

If you or someone you love contends with any of the following, we provide personalized treatment solutions at our residential treatment center:

One of our most impactful forms of treatment benefits both lists simultaneously. Dual-diagnosis treatment often manifests the most successful results for those seeking treatment in Costa Mesa, CA. Our treatment facility delivers a multi-faceted approach, giving clients an opportunity to experience long-term recovery.

A Convenient Choice for Costa, Mesa, CA Dual Diagnosis Treatment

Orange County residents who suffer from mental health and addiction challenges usually contend with the highest rates of relapse. This is because many facilities they’ve attended may not have provided therapy for co-occurring disorders.

Receiving mental health therapy without treating the addiction might provide temporary relief for the disorder in question. However, after finishing therapy, many return to drug abuse after a short term.

Alternatively, clients who receive treatment at a drug and alcohol rehab without proper mental health treatment will only remain sober for a short time. When their mental health condition resurfaces or they’re triggered, returning to their drug of choice is usually the first course of action.

Treat the Disorder – Not the Symptom

When the above-mentioned situations take place, clients receive care for the symptoms and not the actual disorder. Without getting to the root of both issues simultaneously, the true behavioral health challenges are still present, waiting to manifest when the time presents itself.

Dual-diagnosis treatment provides the following activities to help clients overcome both:

  • Integrated Approach to Treatment. The Integrated Approach to Treatment outlines the use of specific forms of mental health and drug addiction treatment. This is normally one of the most effective treatment solutions, as it provides clients with important education regarding the interconnected nature of both disorders. Some options include various behavioral therapies including cognitive behavioral and dialectical behavior therapy.
  • Psychoeducation and Skill Building. Learning about the brain and how it works in regard to addiction and mental health is a powerful activity. When you have a better understanding of your behavioral reactions to these changes and activities in the brain, the more you’re able to create a better response and begin improving your quality of life. This type of treatment helps lower the risk of relapse and improve your confidence.

Therapeutic Approaches to Recovery at South Shores

Dual-diagnosis treatment is just one of many types of therapy provided at South Shores. Clients work closely with the professionals at our facility to build their own unique treatment plans. Some of the most commonly used therapeutic methods include:

Holistic Treatment Options

Holistic treatment takes healing one step further and focuses on the spirit in addition to the body and mind. Participating in one of many holistic options allows clients to reconnect with some of the most critical elements of existence, such as the creative sides of our brains, our talents, and even spiritual beliefs. Some of our holistic approaches include:

Mindfulness and Meditation

Mindfulness-based therapies allow you to reduce stress, manage cravings, and improve your mood during recovery. Emotional regulation and the way you respond to treatment make up a huge part of whether you have a successful experience.

General Holistic Practices

We also deploy many of the standard forms of holistic care, giving our clients an opportunity to express themselves artistically and experience nature. Client favorites include:

  • Yoga
  • Art therapy
  • Surf therapy
  • Music therapy

Pharmacological Options

Medication can play a huge role in the recovery process, especially in the context of managing mental health disorders and cravings. Our psychiatrists are certified in prescribing medications for alcohol and opioid use, working closely with our counselors in deciding specific options and dosage amounts.

Group Therapy

Individual and group therapy allows clients to experience peer support and the camaraderie that’s completely unique to inpatient treatment. Group therapy may take place in larger numbers or in more intimate settings with a select few peers and led by a counselor.

Family Participation and Support

Many clients initially prefer not to involve family members during their treatment – and that’s okay. However, others find that eventually working family and loved ones into the regimen through small, counselor-led sessions that allow both sides to voice their feelings on the situation.

Family counseling may seem uncomfortable at first, and it could be painful to hear some of the things your loved ones have to say. This is actually a good sign, as these emotions are the first steps to repairing and healing. These sessions aren’t an opportunity for your loved ones to “get revenge” on the pain your addiction potentially caused, but an opportunity to reflect on the behavioral choices you made and how these can be corrected moving forward.

If anything, family counseling is a form of forgiveness and an opportunity for you to make amends and move forward as a better version of yourself.

Relapse Prevention & Aftercare

Aftercare is one of the most vital components of our inpatient program. After finishing inpatient treatment, your opportunities for aftercare are extensive. Because you opted to start in residential treatment, your next step could include partial hospitalization, outpatient, or intensive outpatient.

You’ll also receive vital information and resources for staying active in your recovery, including information on local meetings in the area and primary care physicians who can help you monitor your progress and stay on the right track. Alumni programs are also an excellent way to stay connected to the facility.                                                                          

Does My Insurance Cover Inpatient Treatment?

We receive regular inquiries regarding whether a client’s insurance will cover inpatient treatment. The answer depends on your specific plan.                            

We can’t guarantee that your plan will cover all of the costs associated with treatment, we can, however, say that your plan will cost at least a portion. Legally, all insurance providers must cover at least a portion of mental health and substance abuse rehab. To find out how much coverage you’re eligible for or to find out about out-of-pocket expenses, contact a member of the team at South Shores. We’re more than happy to help you navigate the insurance process.

Before or after treatment, there are activities you can participate in to help you maintain your sobriety. The next list covers all of our favorite options in the Costa Mesa area.

Costa Mesa, CA Meeting Options

Costa Mesa, CA Meeting

The Costa Mesa Alano Club is a private clubhouse with a variety of 12-step meetings. The facility hosts weekly AA, Al-Anon, CoDA, CMA, and NA meetings for those looking to engage in recovery activities. You can find the address and examples of meetings and their topics below:

Costa Mesa Alano Club
2040 Placentia Ave, Costa Mesa, CA
The type of meeting is highlighted in Bold (NA, AA, Nar-Anon, etc.) The bold underline indicates whether it’s an Open (O), Book Study (BS), Women’s Open (W), or Closed (C) meeting.


4:00    PM – NA – The Fix O

6:00    PM – AA – As Bill Sees It BS

6:00    PM – Nar-anon O

7:15      PM – LAA – Love Addicts W

7:15      PM – NA – Monday Night BS

7:30     PM – AA -Queer Ideas Of Fun O


10:00  AM – AA – Book Big Book Study – O

12:00 PM – AA – Big Book Discussion – O

4:00   PM – NA – The Fix OB – O

5:30   PM – AA – Book Study Womens – W

6:00   PM – AA  – O

7:00 PM – AA – Beyond Belief C

7:15   PM – NA – Womens Thursday Night – W

8:00 PM – AA – Luck of the draw – C

8:00   PM – NA – Cockpit – O

You can find more information and thorough scheduling here.

The next section highlights our favorite sober activities in Costa Mesa.

Sober Recreation In Costa Mesa

Sober Recreation In Costa Mesa - Mile Square Regional Park Archery Range

Wacky Walks of Costa Mesa.
Have fun on these unique scavenger hunts around Costa Mesa. These are excellent activities for groups and family members. See their website for suggested locations and items.

Goathill Junction Railroad.
Free activity area in Costa Mesa with multiple activities for all ages.
2480 Placentia Costa Mesa, CA

Mile Square Regional Park Archery Range.
Fun archery range bordering Costa Mesa and Foutain Valley that offers archery rentals and plenty of places to practice.
16801 Euclid St Fountain Valley, CA 92708

Start a Path to Recovery Near Costa Mesa at South Shores

If you’re in the Orange County or Costa Mesa area, recovery is no further than a 10-30 minute drive away. South Shores is conveniently located within close proximity to all major towns in Orange County, making it the ideal retreat for those looking to begin their recovery journey.

Experience recovery in a way like none other – with expert staff, top-tier therapy, exciting holistic activities, and upscale comfort. Contact our admissions team today for more information.

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